All Stir Fry

All Stir Fry captures the spirit of the street kitchens of the orient. Street kitchens have existed for centuries in south-east Asia serving up an exotic mix of soups and appetizers. Here is a great way to create your own meal by taking a walk to our quick wok counter, where we encourage you to interact with our chefs, challenging them with news and exciting combinations from our extensive range of seasonal vegetables, noodles, meats, seafood, and sauces. The secret to enjoying this unique style of interactive dining is making several trips to the wok burners the intense heat of which seal in the nutrients and flavors and enables you to savor a delicately balanced and tasty meal within minutes.

A flagship property of Mars Hotels and Resorts Ltd is the Waterstones Hotel. While the hotel is rich in originality and feel, we are also passionate about service. Our rooms, lavish in their furnishings, feature an eclectic mix of traditional inseparable with the modern. The young, hip, and friendly staff ensure that your stay is warm and intimate. We encourage you to treat Waterstones Hotel as your home away from home. The adjoining Waterstones Club with its extensive range of sports, fitness, entertainment, and spa services ensures that your stay is like none other.

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Dear patrons and guests,

We are redesigning Waterstones Hotel and Club for an enhanced guest experience.

Please watch this space for more information on our upcoming plans and contact us on 9867505257 for any queries.

We wish you good health in the interim. Stay Safe !!

-- Team Waterstones