So, to provide a suitable nomenclature, industry insiders invented the term “altcoin”. To get started with purchasing altcoins, the first step is to find and compare altcoin exchanges. A full list of the top-rated altcoin platforms can be found here, but for this tutorial, we will use Binance as an example to show each step in the buying process.

  1. “Altcoin” denotes the combination of two words – “alternative” and ”coin”.
  2. Smaller projects may see more dynamic growth, but Ether (ETH) is still an alternative to Bitcoin, so we’ll include it along with other popular altcoin options listed below.
  3. You can fund your account with bank transfer, debit card, PayPal and SEPA transfer.
  4. Potential investors and community members looking to stay informed can follow Sponge on social media platforms like X (Twitter) and enter its Telegram channel.

Step 1: Calculate the Risks and Rewards

With a stop-limit order, you can set the maximum or minimum prices for each order. When the price reaches the set stop price, this trigers a limit order is triggered. Coinbase wallet is a great option for those looking for more security but do not want the hassle of a physical device. Some sites allow for instant access to buying power, such as Robinhood and Webull.

Ethereum (ETH)

If you decide to sell altcoins, these exchanges will give access to lucrative swap deals. Established in 2013, CoinPayments is the world’s leading crypto payments gateway and wallet provider. Our wallet supports over 2000+ coins including all major currencies and stablecoins. The term “Altcoin” refers to all cryptocurrencies apart from or that are not Bitcoin. In the cryptocurrency market, altcoins belong to an origin protocol, where their use case was defined during conception. Many altcoins result from forks (just straight-out copies that are no longer compatible with their origin), like Bitcoin cash – a cryptocurrency that is a fork of Bitcoin.

Where & How To Buy Bitcoin

Despite that, many exciting ventures have unique value propositions, solutions, and characteristics. Another platform feature is placing instant buy/sell orders, storing multiple wallets, and automating trading. The company was founded in 2014 by Rami Kawach, Richie Lai, and Bill Shihara. This exposure diversifies investment risks and unlocks opportunities in different sectors, enhancing potential returns as different blockchains may succeed independently of each other. There is a huge variety of altcoins available, across several crypto and real-world sectors.

The fees for the Instant Purchases are 0.9% for stablecoin purchases and 1.5% for other crypto projects. Investors looking to buy and earn returns from altcoins will be impressed with With support for over 288 coins, is a suitable home for anyone seeking exposure to high-quality altcoins. Moreover, traders who purchase altcoins via can earn passive returns from the platform. The trading app has crypto interest accounts where altcoin traders can earn up to 12.5% APY on selected assets.

The total supply of $SPONGEV2 is capped at 150 billion, with a significant portion allocated for staking rewards and the P2E gaming ecosystem. Stay tuned for more project updates by reading the 99Bitcoins whitepaper and joining the Telegram channel. You can also get an insured wallet on Gemini which protects you from online security breaches. You can point to several crypto hacks throughout the years, so it’s good to have an extra layer of security like insurance. But many altcoins have taken this premise and either used it to achieve different goals or sought to improve a perceived flaw in Bitcoin.

It is not uncommon to find dead altcoins that failed to gain enough traction or simply disappeared after collecting investors’ money. As you can see, there are predefined parameters, uses, and niches for Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is a technological breakthrough, it offers many more opportunities due to its technology. Although it is the first fully decentralized digital currency, it also paves the way for many other projects and altcoins. According to many visionary entrepreneurs and technology pioneers, thousands of ways exist for distributed ledger technology (DLT) to revolutionize our lives.

Should the altcoin be exclusively a cryptocurrency or can the altcoin live on a platform? This list can be endless, so look through the top altcoins, read up on different altcoin traits that appeal to you, and select a crypto. If the platform you’re using offers a simple trading interface, these often come with much higher fees, sometimes as high as 5%. Instead, you can use the advanced trading interface as detailed earlier.

For more information on our company policies, read the Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions. • Supports over 75 cryptocurrencies with an option to trade in a demo account. • Diverse asset classes, which include stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, ETFs, and currencies.

XRP is not mined and uses a different consensus mechanism than traditional cryptos like BTC. Part ofwhat makes specific altcoins valuable – and enticing – is the function theyoffer beyond BTC. The market continues to experiment with different types ofaltcoins. However, more than 70% of all altcoins have died since 2020 according to some estimates. Most altcoins won’t see the same level of success seen by Ethereum and other leading projects. If your trading pair was DOGE/USDT, for example, you’ll have USDT in your account after the trade executes.

The goal is to limit the sell pressure on the token while the team builds the platform. The only way to buy the token at the moment is via presale where you can use ETH, BNB, WBTC, USDT and USDC to complete the purchase. To keep the token price competitive in the long term, 1% of all tokens will be burned per transaction. Read the Mollars whitepaper and join the Telegram channel for more information. Using blockchain technology, Dreamcars has backed each car with an NFT. $DCARS holders can own a fraction of each car, starting at just $10.

Choosing the right crypto wallet to store your altcoins is also critical. It would help if you used a crypto wallet for which you only have the encryption key and well-documented security measures. A linked debit card, linked bank account, or available funds are all required to complete your purchase. Like many crypto exchanges, PayPal charges a fee based on buying or selling crypto. The Bittrex blockchain platform is a blockchain crypto trading platform offering crypto trading, digital wallet services, account security, and more.

It is also possible to send cryptos from an external wallet to your Coinbase wallet. To buy altcoins on Coinbase, you will need to fund your trading account. You can fund your account with bank counter trend trading strategy and range trading systems transfer, debit card, PayPal and SEPA transfer. Considering Altcoins use the same underlying blockchain security as Bitcoin, which has proven extremely secure, this seems unlikely to happen.

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